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About Blue Sky Partners

Laurie has worked with 
these organizations:

  • American Israel Public Affairs Committee
  • American University
  • The Coulter Companies
  • Digitree
  • Gary Hart for President Campaign
  • Girl Scouts of the USA
  • HR Certification Institute
  • McLean PR Group
  • Mondale-Ferraro for President Campaign
  • National Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • National League of Cities
  • National School Boards Association
  • National Women’s Political Caucus
  • Sias University, China
  • The STEM media Project
  • The Trust for the National Mall
  • Tom Daschle for Senate campaign
  • U.S. House Committee on Education
  • U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee
  • Voyager Expanded Learning
  • Wider Opportunities for Women
  • Women's Campaign Fund
  • World Academy for the Future of Women

Laurie Westley is the principal of Blue Sky Partners. 

Throughout her career, Laurie’s passion for transformational change has shaped the political, social and cultural realms that shape our world.

She is a problem solver, an award-winning engineer of significant organizational change, an activist and a realist. 

Some of the changes she has created: 

For education: Addressing our nation’s biggest education challenges.
  • Leading new solutions in STEM education and workforce preparation. 
  • Built the most successful grassroots operation in the education community. 
  • A “mother” of the E-Rate, the $2.25 billion annual fund for technology in schools and libraries.

For women and girls: Improving opportunities for working women and advancing the healthy development of girls.
  • Created Troop Capitol Hill for the Girl Scouts of the USA of all women members of Congress to raise the profile of issues that matter to girls.
  • Developed a national commission to change the way the media portrays women and girls and won 2 national awards.
  • Directed the Girl Scout Research Institute in developing ground-breaking ways to measure girls’ leadership. 

As a senior executive: Understands how to plan, build, and facilitate change with new capacities and partnerships.
  • Led the organizational transformation of the Girl Scouts -- an American icon with a $750 million budget and 8,000 staff worldwide -- to become the national thought leader and voice for all girls.
  • Developed and integrated the mission-critical, external functions of various nonprofit and for-profit organizations.
  • Raised $34 million in new program funds and built new partnerships for the Girl Scouts. 

On Capitol Hill: Delivered key legislative victories as a chief counsel and staff director on the Senate Judiciary Committee and an assistant counsel on a House of Representatives post-secondary education committee. 

On national campaigns: Extensive campaign experience, including as senior staff on a presidential campaign and work on Senate and House campaigns.  
  • Designed and implemented the presidential campaign’s top-priority strategy.

And in other ways:
  • Adjunct professor at American University.
  • Contributor to the book, Secrets of Powerful Women: Leading Change for a New Generation.
  • Taught at a university-based women’s leadership institute in central China in 2010.

Blue Sky Partners is part of an alliance with outstanding leaders in diverse disciplines to offer the power of a big firm and the personal service of a small firm. We deliver what you need. 

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